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Intracochlear electrocochleography during cochlear implantation.

Nathan H Calloway, Douglas C Fitzpatrick, Adam P Campbell, Claire Iseli, Stephen Pulver, Craig A Buchman, Oliver F Adunka

Otol Neurotol | Published : 2014


OBJECTIVE: Electrophysiologic responses to acoustic stimuli are present in nearly all cochlear implant recipients when measured at the round window (RW). Intracochlear recording sites might provide an even larger signal and improve the sensitivity and the potential clinical utility of electrocochleography (ECoG). Thus, the goal of this study is to compare RW to intracochlear recording sites and to determine if such recordings can be used to monitor cochlear function during insertion of a cochlear implant. METHODS: Intraoperative ECoG recordings were obtained in subjects receiving a cochlear implant from the RW and from just inside scala tympani (n = 26). Stimuli were tones at high levels (80..

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