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OS077. The chromosome 2q22 preeclampsia susceptibility locus reveals shared novel risk factors for CVD.

E Moses, M Johnson, C East, T Dyer, L Roten, J Proffitt, M Fenstad, T Aalto-Viljakainen, K Mäkikallio, S Heinonen, E Kajantie, J Kere, H Laivuori, R Austgulen, J Blangero, S Brennecke

Pregnancy Hypertens | Published : 2012


INTRODUCTION: We have previously localized a preeclampsia susceptibility locus on chromosome 2q22 in 34 Australian and New Zealand (AUS/NZL) families. Using an extended number of AUS/NZL families (n=74) we have now performed a comprehensive molecular genetics dissection of this locus. OBJECTIVES: Identify causal genetic risk factors for preeclampsia at the 2q22 risk locus. METHODS: To prioritize positional candidate genes for analysis we used a combination of bioinformatics, SNPing, whole-genome transcriptional profiling and proximity to the peak linkage signal. Prioritized genes were earmarked for exon-centric re-sequencing in 48 founder individuals from the 74 AUS/NZL families. All identif..

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