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Female Hormonal Factors and the Risk of Endometrial Cancer in Lynch Syndrome

Seyedeh Ghazaleh Dashti, Rowena Chau, Driss Ait Ouakrim, Daniel D Buchanan, Mark Clendenning, Joanne P Young, Ingrid M Winship, Julie Arnold, Dennis J Ahnen, Robert W Haile, Graham Casey, Steven Gallinger, Stephen N Thibodeau, Noralane M Lindor, Loic Le Marchand, Polly A Newcomb, John D Potter, John A Baron, John L Hopper, Mark A Jenkins Show all



Awarded by National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health

Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Australia

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by grant UM1 CA167551 from the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, and through cooperative agreements with members of the Colon Cancer Family Registry and principal investigators. Collaborating centers include the Australasian Colorectal Cancer Family Registry (U01/U24 CA097735), Mayo Clinic Cooperative Family Registry for Colon Cancer Studies (U01/U24 CA074800), Ontario Familial Colorectal Cancer Registry (U01/U24 CA074783), Seattle Colorectal Cancer Family Registry (U01/U24 CA074794), Stanford Consortium Colorectal Cancer Family Registry (U01/U24 CA074799), and University of Hawaii Colorectal Cancer Family Registry (U01/U24 CA074806). This work was also supported by Centre for Research Excellence grant APP1042021 and program grant APP1074383 from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Australia. Dr Win is an NHMRC Early Career Fellow. Dr Jenkins is an NHMRC Senior Research Fellow. Dr Hopper is an NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow. Dr Buchanan is a University of Melbourne Research at Melbourne Accelerator Program Senior Research Fellow.