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Network flow model of force transmission in unbonded and bonded granular media

Antoinette Tordesillas, Steven T Tobin, Mehmet Cil, Khalid Alshibli, Robert P Behringer



An established aspect of force transmission in quasistatic deformation of granular media is the existence of a dual network of strongly versus weakly loaded particles. Despite significant interest, the regulation of strong and weak forces through the contact network remains poorly understood. We examine this aspect of force transmission using data on microstructural fabric from: (I) three-dimensional discrete element models of grain agglomerates of bonded subspheres constructed from in situ synchrotron microtomography images of silica sand grains under unconfined compression and (II) two-dimensional assemblies of unbonded photoelastic circular disks submitted to biaxial compression under con..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank an anonymous reviewer for helpful suggestions and Reena Kapoor for careful proofreading of the manuscript. This work was supported by the US Army Research Office through Grants No. W911NF1110175 and No. W911NF1110110, the Australian Research Council DP120104759, the Melbourne Energy Institute, the Melbourne Research Grant Support Scheme, The US National Science Foundation through Grant No. CMMI-1362510 to M.C. and K.A., and NSF Grants No. DMR-1206351 and No. DMS-3530656 and NASA Grants No. NNX10AU01G and No. NNX15AD38G to R.P.B..