Conference Proceedings

From Metropolis to Allotment: Scaled System Thinking in Advancing Landscape Studio Knowledge

S CHEN, V Lee, E Buhmann (ed.), S Ervin (ed.), M Pietsch (ed.)

16th International Conference on Information Technologies in Landscape Architecture | Herbert Wichmann Verlag | Published : 2015


Current local-scale changes in the landscape interweave with larger forces of globalization, time-space compression and media proliferation altering the face of landscape, both rural and urban, around the world. These larger forces span all sectors of human activity and inform a new cultural economy of space, creating new landscape spatialities that require a reformulation of landscape definitions, as well as new conceptual models and methodological approaches for landscape design (TERKENLI 2005). Design studios are essential experiences in the education of students in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design in order to cultivate their basic design competency. The approach use..

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