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Shear bands as bottlenecks in force transmission

Antoinette Tordesillas, Sebastian Pucilowski, Steven Tobin, Matthew R Kuhn, Edward Ando, Gioacchino Viggiani, Andrew Druckrey, Khalid Alshibli

EPL (Europhysics Letters) | EPL ASSOCIATION, EUROPEAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY | Published : 2015


The formation of shear bands is a key attribute of degradation and failure in soil, rocks, and many other forms of amorphous and crystalline materials. Previous studies of dense sand under triaxial compression and two-dimensional analogues from simulations have shown that the ultimate shear band pattern may be detected in the nascent stages of loading, well before the band's known nucleation point (i.e., around peak stress ratio), as reported in the published literature. Here we construct a network flow model of force transmission to identify the bottlenecks in the contact networks of dense granular media: triaxial compression of Caicos ooid and Ottawa sand and a discrete element simulation ..

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