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Tandem cylinder flow and noise predictions using a hybrid RANS/LES approach

M Weinmann, RD Sandberg, C Doolan

International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow | Elsevier | Published : 2014


The performance of a novel hybrid RANS/LES methodology for accurate flow and noise predictions of the NASA Tandem Cylinder Experiment is investigated. The proposed approach, the modified Flow Simulation Methodology (FSM), is based on scaling the turbulence viscosity and the turbulence kinetic energy dissipation rate with a damping function. This damping function consists of three individual components, a function based on the Kolmogorov length-scale ensuring correct behaviour in the direct numerical simulation (DNS) limit, a function ensuring that FSM provides the correct damping in large-eddy simulation (LES) mode, and a shielding function that forces the switch from Reynolds-Averaged Navie..

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