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DNS of compressible pipe flow exiting into a coflow

RD Sandberg, ND Sandham, V Suponitsky

International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow | Elsevier | Published : 2012


Direct numerical simulations were conducted of a fully turbulent canonical nozzle/jet configuration. For all cases, the target Reynolds number, based on the jet velocity and diameter, was specified as 7500 and the jet Mach number and coflow Mach number were varied. Turbulence statistics at the nozzle exit are shown to collapse with fully developed turbulent pipe flow profiles when using the wall shear-stress, and in the case of higher Mach number cases also the wall density, from the fully developed flow region upstream in the nozzle. Predictions of flow variables in the near-nozzle region obtained from asymptotic theory are found to agree qualitatively with Direct Numerical Simulation data...

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