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Oral health-related knowledge, attitudes and self-efficacy of Australian rural older adults

Rodrigo Marino, Matthew Hopcraft, Aghareed Ghanim, Rachel Tham, Chee-Wah Khew, Christine Stevenson



OBJECTIVE: A cross-sectional study was conducted involving older adults from social clubs within a regional local government area in the state of Victoria, Australia, to identify factors associated with knowledge, and attitudes about oral health, as well as perceived self-efficacy. METHODS: Participants underwent an oral health interview, followed by a comprehensive oral clinical examination. RESULTS: A total of 225 older adults participated in this study. The mean age was 70.7 (range: 55-96) years. The majority was females (62.0%) and had incomplete secondary education or less (56.1%); 34.2% were fully edentulous. The mean oral health knowledge score was 24.7 (SD 3.8). None of the socio-dem..

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