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Gas-phase fragmentation of deprotonated tryptophan and its clusters [Trp(n)-H](-) induced by different activation methods

Linda Feketeova, George N Khairallah, Richard AJ O'Hair, Steen Brondsted Nielsen



RATIONALE: Non-covalent amino acid clusters are the subject of intense research in diverse areas including peptide bond formation studies or the determination of proton affinities or methylating abilities of amino acids. However, most of the research has focused on positive ions and little is known about anionic clusters. METHODS: Fragmentation reactions of deprotonated tryptophan (Trp), [Trp-H](-) and Trp singly deprotonated non-covalently bound clusters [Trp(n) -H](-), n = 2, 3, 4, were investigated using low-energy collision-induced dissociation (CID) with He atoms, high-energy CID with Na atoms, and electron-induced dissociation (EID) with 20-35 eV electrons. Fragmentation of the monomer..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank the ARC for financial support through the ARC Centre of Excellence program. LF and GK thank the ARC for the awards of an APD and ARF Fellowship, respectively. LF thanks the School of Chemistry for the award of a Chemistry Small Grant. An ARC Lief grant and funding from the Victorian Institute for Chemical Sciences are acknowledged for the purchase of the LTQ-FT mass spectrometer. SBN acknowledges Lundbeckfonden for support.