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High nucleotide diversity and limited linkage disequilibrium in Helicoverpa armigera facilitates the detection of a selective sweep

SV Song, S Downes, T Parker, JG Oakeshott, C Robin



Insecticides impose extreme selective pressures on populations of target pests and so insecticide resistance loci of these species may provide the footprints of 'selective sweeps'. To lay the foundation for future genome-wide scans for selective sweeps and inform genome-wide association study designs, we set out to characterize some of the baseline population genomic parameters of one of the most damaging insect pests in agriculture worldwide, Helicoverpa armigera. To this end, we surveyed nine Z-linked loci in three Australian H. armigera populations. We find that estimates of π are in the higher range among other insects and linkage disequilibrium decays over short distances. One of the su..

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