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Changes in balance and locomotion measures during rehabilitation following stroke.

J Bernhardt, P Ellis, S Denisenko, K Hill

Physiother Res Int | Published : 1998


BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: This study aimed to examine the utility of a number of measures of balance and locomotion for the purpose of measuring change in a group of stroke patients undergoing in-patient rehabilitation. The aim was to select a core group of measures based on empirical evidence of usefulness rather than personal preference. METHODS: Twenty-nine stroke patients undergoing in-patient rehabilitation (mean age 71.8 +/- 10.5 years; 66% male) participated in the study. A prospective design was utilized with repeated measurement undertaken at four, six and eight weeks post-stroke. Static standing, the Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction of Balance (CTSIB) (Shumway-Cook & Horak, 1986)..

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