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A New Test of Dynamic Standing Balance for Stroke Patients: Reliability, Validity and Comparison with Healthy Elderly

Keith D Hill

Physiotherapy Canada | University of Toronto Press Inc. (UTPress) | Published : 1996


A new clinical test of dynamic standing balance, called the Step Test, has been developed to evaluate dynamic single limb stance. This aspect of balance is not adequately assessed in other reported balance tests and may be important in identifying balance problems during common potentially destabilizing activities, such as locomotion, for stroke patients. The Step Test involves stepping one foot on, then off, a block as quickly as possible in a set time period. Forty-one healthy elderly subjects (mean age 72.5, 44% males), and 41 stroke patients undergoing in-patient rehabilitation (mean age 72.5, 54% males) were assessed, on average 54 days post-stroke. Retest reliability was high in a subg..

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