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'Better wear out sheets than shoes': a survey of 202 stroke professionals' early mobilisation practices and concerns

Monica Skarin, Julie Bernhardt, Anna Sjoholm, Michael Nilsson, Thomas Linden



BACKGROUND: Stroke unit care improves the outcome for patients. One component responsible for this may be that patients are mobilised earlier and more intensively. An ongoing randomised controlled trial is investigating the potential benefits of early mobilisation, but currently there is limited evidence for the practice. Therefore, current practices may be driven by historical precedent and/or clinical opinion, and varying approaches to mobilisation are likely. This study aims to examine different health professionals' concerns regarding early mobilisation in acute stroke. In this study, early mobilisation was defined as frequent out of bed activities within the first 24 h after stroke onse..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors wish to thank Janice Collier, Toby Cummings, Jan Chamberlain, Fiona Ellery, Leonid Churilov and co-workers at the National Stroke Research Institute, the integrated national Society of Australasia (SSA) and fourth Smart Strokes Australasian Nursing and Allied Health Conference organisers for allowing us to conduct this study and all the respondents who took part in the survey. This study was supported by grants from the Swedish Society of Medicine, the Swedish Brain Foundation and the Yngve Lands Memorial foundation. Dr Bernhardt was supported by a fellowship from the National Heart Foundation, Australia during this work.