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Targeted Individual Prophylaxis Offers Superior Risk Stratification for Cytomegalovirus Reactivation After Liver Transplantation

Siddharth Sood, Craig Haifer, Lijia Yu, Julie Pavlovic, Paul J Gow, Robert M Jones, Kumar Visvanathan, Peter W Angus, Adam G Testro



Cytomegalovirus (CMV) can reactivate following liver transplantation. Management of patients currently considered low risk based on pretransplant serology remains contentious, with universal prophylaxis and preemptive strategies suffering from significant deficiencies. We hypothesized that a CMV-specific T cell assay performed early after transplant as part of a preemptive strategy could better stratify "low-risk" (recipient seropositive) patients. We conducted a prospective, blinded, observational study in 75 adult recipients. QuantiFERON-cytomegalovirus was performed both before and at multiple times after transplant. Low-risk patients (n = 58) were monitored as per unit protocol and treat..

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