Book Chapter

Professional learning through MOOCs? A trans-disciplinary framework for building knowledge, inquiry, and expertise

JM Lodge, MJ Lewis

Macro-Level Learning through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): Strategies and Predictions for the Future | Published : 2015


This chapter will locate debates around MOOCs within a discussion on the purposes of higher education for professional learning and trends for trans-disciplinary approaches in designs for networked learning. The authors revisit the meaning of a ‘higher' education in contemporary tertiary contexts and within professional learning degrees and also examine the types of expertise required when designing for and facilitating learning in a MOOC open-style environment. In response to these aims, they offer a trans-disciplinary framework (Wadsworth, 2010) drawn from complex systems thinking in health, community and human services, to assist our enquiry into educational innovation. The authors sugges..

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