Emotions and War: Medieval to Romantic Literature

S Downes, A Lynch, K O'Loughlin, S Downes (ed.), A Lynch (ed.), K O'Loughlin (ed.)

Palgrave Macmillan | Published : 2015


Literature records, remembers, and recreates war and war’s emotions in many forms: whether narrated by an eye-witness, a civilian, or one who contemplates conflict in the past, war is remembered through a wide range of literary texts, from narrative poems to personal letters and tomb inscriptions. The essays collected here explore the emotions of war in texts from the Middle Ages to the era of Romanticism, and in forms ranging from medieval chivalric biography to war correspondence in The Times. Brought together in this way, they show the impact of actual war experience on the literary production of emotions in the medieval and early modern periods. They illustrate how emotional life itself..

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