Journal article

Duration and dynamics of the best orbital analogue to the present interglacial

Biagio Giaccio, Eleonora Regattieri, Giovanni Zanchetta, Sebastien Nomade, Paul R Renne, Courtney J Sprain, Russell N Drysdale, Polychronis C Tzedakis, Paolo Messina, Giancarlo Scardia, Andrea Sposato, Franck Bassinot

Geology | GEOLOGICAL SOC AMER, INC | Published : 2015

University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Natural Environment Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Valerie Masson-Delmotte for her critical review of an early manuscript. We also benefited from insightful comments from Bill Ruddiman and five anonymous reviewers. Regattieri is supported by a Ph.D. grant from the School of Graduate Studies Galileo Galilei (University of Pisa, Italy). The <SUP>40</SUP>Ar/<SUP>39</SUP>Ar ages were supported by the Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation (Berkeley Geochronology Center), and by a SYSTER 2013 program from the National Institute for Earth Sciences and Astronomy (CNRS-INSU) to Nomade. Tzedakis acknowledges funding from the Natural Environment Research Council (grant NE/I025115/1). Giaccio thanks La Locanda di Gino in Sulmona, Italy, for valuable help in the field.