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Nucleotide sequence, polymorphism, and evolution of ovine MHC class II DQA genes.

PC Scott, KJ Gogolin-Ewens, TE Adams, MR Brandon

Immunogenetics | Published : 1991


The nucleotide sequence of all exons and introns, excluding exon 1, of the ovine major histocompatibility complex (MhcOvar) genes analogous to the HLA-DQA1 and -DQA2 genes has been determined and the gene structure found to be similar to that reported for other species. The predicted amino acid sequences of the Ovar-DQA genes have been compared with the equivalent DQA genes in man, mouse, rat, rabbit, and cattle and used to determine the evolutionary relationships of the sheep class II genes to these other species. Northern blot analysis of sheep mRNA using exon specific probes for each of the two Ovar-DQA genes show that both genes are transcribed, whereas in humans there is no evidence tha..

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