Journal article

Regulation of cardiac cellular bioenergetics: mechanisms and consequences

K Tran, DS Loiselle, EJ Crampin

Physiological Reports | Wiley Open Access | Published : 2015


The regulation of cardiac cellular bioenergetics is critical for maintaining normal cell function, yet the nature of this regulation is not fully understood. Different mechanisms have been proposed to explain how mitochondrial ATP production is regulated to match changing cellular energy demand while metabolite concentrations are maintained. We have developed an integrated mathematical model of cardiac cellular bioenergetics, electrophysiology, and mechanics to test whether stimulation of the dehydrogenase flux by Ca(2+) or Pi, or stimulation of complex III by Pi can increase the rate of mitochondrial ATP production above that determined by substrate availability (ADP and Pi). Using the mode..

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Awarded by Virtual Physiological Rat Centre for the Study of Physiology and Genomics through NIH

Awarded by Health Research Council of New Zealand

Funding Acknowledgements

This research was supported by the Virtual Physiological Rat Centre for the Study of Physiology and Genomics, funded through NIH grant P50-GM094503 and Project Grant 11/585 from the Health Research Council of New Zealand.