Journal article

Loss of heterozygosity: what is it good for?

Georgina L Ryland, Maria A Doyle, David Goode, Samantha E Boyle, David YH Choong, Simone M Rowley, Jason Li, David DL Bowtell, Richard W Tothill, Ian G Campbell, Kylie L Gorringe

BMC Med Genomics | BMC | Published : 2015


Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (NHMRC)

Funding Acknowledgements

We gratefully acknowledge the cooperation of the institutions in Australia participating in the Australian Ovarian Cancer Study (AOCS). We also acknowledge the contribution of the AOCS study nurses, research assistants and all clinical and scientific collaborators and would like to thank all of the women who participated in AOCS. The AOCS management group comprises David Bowtell (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), Georgia Chenevix-Trench (Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia), Adele Green (Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia), Penny Webb (Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia), Anna deFazio (Westmead lnstitute for Cancer Research, Westmead Millennium Institute, Westmead, New South Wales, Australia), Dorota Gertig (Victorian Cervical Cytology Registry, Carlton South, Victoria, Australia. The scientific and clinical collaborators are: ACT-R Stuart-Harris; NSW-F Kirsten, J Rutovitz, P Clingan, A Glasgow, A Proietto, S Braye, G Otton, J Shannon, T Bonaventura, J Stewart, S Begbie, M Friedlander, D Bell, S Baron-Hay, A Ferrier (dec.), G Gard, D Nevell, N Pavlakis, S Valmadre, B Young, C Camaris, R Crouch, L Edwards, N Hacker, D Marsden, G Robertson, P Beale, J Beith, J Carter, C Dalrymple, R Houghton, P Russell, L Anderson, M Links, J Grygiel, J Hill, A Brand, K Byth, R Jaworski, P Harnett, R Sharma, G Wain; QLD-D Purdie, D Whiteman, B Ward, D Papadimos, A Crandon, M Cummings, K Horwood. A Obermair, L Perrin, D Wyld, J Nicklin; SA-M Davy, MK Oehler, C Hall, T Dodd, T Healy, K Pittman, D Henderson, J Miller, J Pierdes, A Achan; TAS-P Blomfield, D Challis, R McIntosh, A Parker; VIC-B Brown, R Rome, D Allen, P Grant, S Hyde, R Laurie M Robbie, D Healy, T Jobling, T Manolitsas, J McNealage, P Rogers, B Susil, E Sumithran, I Simpson, I Haviv, K Phillips, D Rischin, S Fox, D Johnson, S Lade, P Waring, M Loughrey, N O'Callaghan, B Murray, L Mileshkin, P Allan; V Billson, J Pyman, D Neesham, M Quinn, A Hamilton, O McNally, C Underhill, R Bell, LF Ng, R Blum, V Ganju; WA-I Hammond, A McCartney (dec.), C Stewart, Y Leung, M Buck, N Zeps (WARTN). Further information can be found at This work was supported by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (NHMRC ID #628773) and the Emer Casey Foundation.