Conference Proceedings

PDE Battery Model Simplification for Charging Strategy Evaluation

C Zou, C MANZIE, D Nesic, A Che Soh (ed.), H Selamat (ed.), RZA Rahman (ed.), AJ Ishak (ed.), SA Ahmad (ed.), HRH Ramli (ed.), A Faudzi (ed.)

IEEE Press | Published : 2015


A safe, fast charging strategy is desired in the utilisation of rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries. Traditionally, experimental methods are used in exploring and evaluating new strategies, but these require extensive time and cost. This paper aims to establish a model-based system for quick and accurate evaluation of charging strategies. Starting from a nonlinear coupled partial differential equation (PDE) battery model that accurately captures system dynamics, simplification techniques are conducted based on the identification of separable time scales within the states. By pertinent use of a singular perturbation approach, a PDE model simplification framework containing families of simplifi..

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