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Potential for optimising Deep Brain stimulation through tremor quantification

Thushara Perera, Colette McKay, Richard Peppard, Hugh McDermott, Adam Vogal

Bionics Institute Repository | Duraspace | Published : 2013


Introduction: Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) can be used to minimise tremor when pharmaceutical therapies fail. DBS devices emit a bi-phasic pulse train with variable: » Amplitude » Pulse Duration » Frequency. These parameters are set based on clinical observation of tremor and side-effects. Aims: Develop an objective measure of tremor severity. Determine the influence of each stimulus parameter on measured tremor. Method: 6 adults with DBS implants in the Posterior Subthalamic Area to alleviate tremor were recruited. Tremor was recorded using a sensitive motion tracking system with sensors placed on the elbows and wrists. Stimulus amplitude, pulse-duration & frequency were systematically a..

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