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Articulatory disturbance in Friedreich’s ataxia: An electropalatographic study

JE Folker, BE Murdoch, LM Cahill, MS Delatycki, LA Corben, AP Vogel

MOVEMENT DISORDERS | Wiley | Published : 2009


Objective: To use the instrumentation of electropalatography (EPG) to investigate the spatial and temporal aspects of linguopalatal contact during consonant production in a group of individuals with Friedreich’s Ataxia (FRDA). Background: FRDA is an autosomal neurodegenerative disease primarily affecting the spinocerebellar tracts, the corticospinal path- ways and the dorsal columns. Clinical manifestation generally begins in childhood, with the individual becoming wheelchair bound in early adulthood and life expectancy being markedly reduced. Dysarthria constitutes a core symptom of FRDA, presenting between 5 and 19 years post onset of disease. Perceptual and acoustic studies have revealed..

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