Conference Proceedings

Non-Invasive Estimation of Cloud Applications Performance via Hypervisor’s Operating Systems Counters

FD Rossi, IC Oliveira, CAF De Rose, R CALHEIROS, R Buyya, CB Westphall (ed.), E Borcoci (ed.), I Pozniak-Koszalka (ed.)

IARIA | Published : 2015


The adoption of cloud computing environments as the infrastructure of choice for computing services is growing rapidly, due to features such as scalability and pay-per-use. As a result, more pressure is put on cloud providers, which manage the underlying computing platform, to maintain the Quality of Experience of application users within acceptable levels. However, the mapping of high-level application metrics, such as response time, to low-level infrastructure metrics, such as utilization rate of resources, is a non-trivial task. Many works present monitoring of processor, memory, and network utilization. Nevertheless, the monitoring of these resources can be intrusive to the system that p..

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