Conference Proceedings

A Context Sensitive Offloading Scheme for Mobile Cloud Computing Service

B Zhou, A Vahid Dastjerdi, R CALHEIROS, SN Srirama, R Buyya, C Pu (ed.), A Mohindra (ed.)

IEEE Computer Society | Published : 2015


Mobile cloud computing (MCC) has drawn significant research attention as the popularity and capability of mobile devices have been improved in recent years. In this paper, we propose a prototype MCC offloading system that considers multiple cloud resources such as mobile ad-hoc network, cloudlet and public clouds to provide a adaptive MCC service. We propose a context-aware offloading decision algorithm aiming to provide code offloading decisions at runtime on selecting wireless medium and which potential cloud resources as the offloading location based on the device context. We also conduct real experiments on the implemented system to evaluate the performance of the algorithm. Results indi..

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