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SLO-aware Deployment of Web Applications Requiring Strong Consistency using Multiple Clouds

C Qu, R CALHEIROS, R Buyya, C Pu (ed.), A Mohindra (ed.)

2015 IEEE 8th International Conference on Cloud Computing | IEEE Computer Society | Published : 2015


Geographically dispersed cloud data centers (DCs) enable web application providers to improve their services’ response time and availability by deploying application replicas in multiple DCs. To allow applications requiring strong consistency to be deployed in multiple clouds, industry and academia have developed various scalable database systems that can guarantee strong inter-DC consistency with alleviated network overhead. For applications using these database systems, it is essential to take both the network latencies to the end users and the communication overhead of the databases into account when selecting the hosting DCs. In this paper, we study how to identify the satisfactory deplo..

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