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The effect of structural modifications on the solution and interfacial properties of straight and branched aliphatic alcohols: the role of hydrophobic effects.

Celesta Fong, Tamar L Greaves, Thomas W Healy, Calum J Drummond

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science | Elsevier BV | Published : 2015


The effect of structural modifications, such as branching of the hydrocarbon chain on the solution and interfacial properties of short-chain aliphatic alcohols has been investigated. Surface tension measurements have been used to study the adsorption of the alcohols at the aqueous solution/air interface from water/alcohol mixtures, and to determine the aqueous solubilities of the alcohols. The related process of the partitioning behaviour of the alcohols between two immiscible phases has also been studied. Standard free energies of adsorption at the aqueous solution/air interface, standard free energies of transfer between water and hexane, and standard free energies of solution were obtaine..

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