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Characterization and multiplexed quantification of derivatized aminophospholipids

Shuai Nie, Cassie J Fhaner, Sichang Liu, David Peake, Reiko Kiyonami, Yingying Huang, Gavin E Reid

International Journal of Mass Spectrometry | ELSEVIER | Published : 2015


The structural characterization and quantification of changes in cellular lipid abundances under different physiological or pathological states can provide critical information toward understanding the role of lipids in health and disease. Here, in order to develop a strategy for the simultaneous (i.e., multiplexed) relative quantification of aminophospholipids from within two different crude lipid extracts, we first evaluated the gas-phase fragmentation behavior of a series of sulfonium ion-containing S,S′-dimethylthiobutanoylhydroxysuccinimide (DMBNHS) derivatized diacyl- and alkyl ether-linked aminophospholipids, and DMBNHS and iodine/methanol derivatized plasmalogen-aminophospholipids. U..

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