Journal article

Genetic diversity of Mycoplasma arginini isolates based on multilocus sequence typing

Olusola M Olaogun, Anna Kanci, Stuart R Barber, Kelly A Tivendale, Philip F Markham, Marc S Marenda, Glenn F Browning



The contribution of Mycoplasma arginini to mycoplasmosis in small ruminants remains unclear because it is recovered from both healthy and diseased animals. In order to gain a better understanding of any relationships between isolates from different sites and different geographical locations, we developed a method for genotyping M. arginini using multilocus sequence typing (MLST). A MLST scheme based on five housekeeping genes was used to characterize M. arginini isolates from flocks of sheep and goats. A high level of genetic variability was detected between strains and within herds.


Funding Acknowledgements

The authors gratefully acknowledge the technical assistance of Mr Brendan Kehoe. Olusola Olaogun was supported by Melbourne International Fee Remission and Melbourne International Research Scholarships from The University of Melbourne.