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Increased duration of co-contraction of medial knee muscles is associated with greater progression of knee osteoarthritis

Paul W Hodges, Wolbert van den Hoorn, Tim V Wrigley, Rana S Hinman, Kelly-Ann Bowles, Flavia M Cicuttini, Yuanyuan Wang, Kim Bennell



BACKGROUND: As knee osteoarthritis (OA) cannot be cured, treatments that slow structural disease progression are a priority. Knee muscle activation has a potential role in OA pathogenesis. Although enhanced knee muscle co-contraction augments joint stability; this may speed structural disease progression by increased joint load. OBJECTIVE: This study investigated the relationship between cartilage loss and duration of co-contraction of medial/lateral knee muscles in medial knee OA. DESIGN: Prospective cohort study. METHODS: Medial (vastus medialis; semimembranosus) and lateral (vastus lateralis; biceps femoris) knee muscle myoelectric activity was recorded in 50 people with medial knee OA du..

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