Journal article

Atrial Structure and Function and its Implications for Current and Emerging Treatments for Atrial Fibrillation

Sandeep Prabhu, Alex JA McLellan, Tomos E Walters, Meenal Sharma, Alex Voskoboinik, Peter M Kistler

Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases | W B SAUNDERS CO-ELSEVIER INC | Published : 2015


Funding Acknowledgements

Drs Sandeep Prabhu, Alex JA McLellan and Tomos E Walters receive funding from Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and National Heart Foundation of Australia. Drs Sandeep Prabhu and Alex JA McLellan also receive funding from the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Research Institute. Professor M Kistler is supported by practitioner fellowships from the NHMRC. Drs Meenal Sharma and Alex Voskoboinik have no disclosures. This research is supported in part by the Victorian Government's Operational Infrastructure Funding. All authors have reported no financial relationships to disclose.