Journal article

Using Social Media While Waiting in Pain: A Clinical 12-Week Longitudinal Pilot Study

Mark Merolli, Kathleen Gray, Fernando Martin-Sanchez, Steven Mantopoulos, Malcolm Hogg



BACKGROUND: Chronic pain places an enormous burden on health care systems. Multidisciplinary pain management services are well documented as an effective means to improve patient outcomes. However, waiting lists to access these services are long and outcomes deteriorate. Innovative solutions such as social media are gaining attention as a way to decrease this burden and improve outcomes. It is a challenge to design research that demonstrates whether social media are acceptable to patients and clinically effective. OBJECTIVE: The aim was to conduct a longitudinal pilot study to understand what aspects of research design are key to the success of running a larger-scale study of social media us..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to thank the Melbourne Networked Society Institute (MNSI) at the University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia for ongoing support of this research. We would also like to thank the entire team involved in this project from the Chronic Pain Clinic at the Royal Melbourne Hospital-Pain Management Services. We also acknowledge Dr Guillermo Lopez-Campos from the Health and Biomedical Informatics Centre, the University of Melbourne, for his advice on data analysis, and Professor Danny Liew of the Melbourne EpiCentre, the Royal Melbourne Hospital, for his advice on study design and data analysis.