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Gene expression changes by amyloid beta peptide-stimulated human postmortem brain microglia identify activation of multiple inflammatory processes.

Douglas G Walker, John Link, Lih-Fen Lue, Jessica E Dalsing-Hernandez, Barry E Boyes

Journal of Leukocyte Biology | Published : 2006


A central feature of the inflammatory pathology in Alzheimer's disease is activated microglia clustered around aggregated amyloid beta (Abeta) peptide-containing plaques. In vitro-cultured microglia can be activated to an inflammatory state by aggregated Abeta with the induction of a range of different neurotoxic factors and provide a model system for studying microglia Abeta interactions. Gene expression responses of human postmortem brain-derived microglia to aggregated Abeta were measured using whole genome microarrays to address the hypothesis that Abeta interactions with human microglia primarily induce proinflammatory genes and not activation of genes involved in Abeta phagocytosis and..

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