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Purification of two forms of colony-stimulating factor from mouse L-cell-conditioned medium.

AW Burgess, D Metcalf, IJ Kozka, RJ Simpson, G Vairo, JA Hamilton, EC Nice

Journal of Biological Chemistry | Published : 1985


A modified procedure for the purification of the colony-stimulating factors (CSFs) in mouse L-cell-conditioned medium is used to isolate two forms of CSF, which are separable by reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography with 300-A pore size supports. The specific biological activity of these CSFs (2 X 10(9) colonies/mg) was considerably higher than has been achieved by other methods. Even at high concentration (200 pM) both molecules stimulated predominantly more macrophage than granulocyte colonies; however, the less hydrophobic form appeared to stimulate the formation of more pure granulocytic colonies. Almost twice as much of the less hydrophobic CSF was recovered from L-cell-..

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