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Rapid Identification of Linear Protein Domain Binding Motifs Using Peptide SPOT Arrays

Douglas J Briant, James M Murphy, Genie C Leung, Frank Sicheri, M Cretich (ed.), M Chiari (ed.)

Methods in Molecular Biology | HUMANA PRESS INC | Published : 2009


Understanding protein-protein interactions is a key step in unravelling the roles proteins play in cellular function. The ability to analyse protein-protein interactions rapidly and economically is a powerful research tool. Using peptide SPOT arrays, peptides of known sequence can be synthesized directly in discrete spots on a cellulose membrane and assayed for an interaction with a protein of interest. Several hundred peptides can be synthesized on each cellulose membrane; therefore, this method is amenable to designing high-throughput peptide binding studies. SPOT arrays are particularly well suited for deducing peptidic binding motifs within proteins that are difficult to purify in suffic..

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