Journal article

Membrane properties and spike generation in rat visual cortical cells during reversible cooling

M Volgushev, TR Vidyasagar, M Chistiakova, T Yousef, UT Eysel

The Journal of Physiology | CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS | Published : 2000


We studied the effects of reversible cooling between 35 and 7 C on membrane properties and spike generation of cells in slices of rat visual cortex. Cooling led to a depolarization of the neurones and an increase of the input resistance, thus bringing the cells closer to spiking threshold. Excitability, measured with intracellular current steps, increased with cooling. Synaptic stimuli were most efficient in producing spikes at room temperature, but strong stimulation could evoke spikes even below 10 C. Spike width and total area increased with cooling, and spike amplitude was maximal between 12 and 20 C. Repetitive firing was enhanced in some cells by cooling to 20-25 C, but was always supp..

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