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Connecting models to data in multiscale multicellular tissue simulations

Jonathan Cooper, James Osborne, V Alexandrov (ed.), M Lees (ed.), V Krzhizhanovskaya (ed.), J Dongarra (ed.), PMA Sloot (ed.)

Procedia Computer Science | ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV | Published : 2013


System level biological behaviour typically arises from highly dynamic, strongly nonlinear, tightly coupled interactions between component processes occurring across multiple space and time scales. The interdependent nature of these processes often makes it difficult to apply standard mathematical techniques to separate out the scales, uncouple the physical processes or average over contributions from discrete components. To make rapid progress we need to address interoperability challenges: To build integrated models from reusable components, and to relate simulation results to experimental data both for parameter fitting and model analysis. In this paper we describe how work we have done t..

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