Researching for Social Change: Ethics, Methodologies and Responsibility

C Hense, G McKibbin, H Hashim, L O'Neill, S Rudolph, L Heemsbergen, H Henderson, K Palipane, D Henry, C Phillips, C Hense (ed.), G McKibbin (ed.), J MCLEOD (ed.), C Phillips (ed.), S Rudolph (ed.)

Melbourne Social Equity Institute | Published : 2015


This volume of working papers has been compiled by members of the 2014 inaugural Doctoral Academy of the Melbourne Social Equity Institute [MSEI] at the University of Melbourne. A key feature of MSEI is its interdisciplinary focus and commitment to advancing scholarship in the field of social justice, alongside building collaborative projects and partnerships to address pressing social problems and challenges As part of its research and management strategy, the MSEI developed a Doctoral Academy to support the research training and work of graduate students - the next generation of scholars and leaders. The 2014 MSEI Doctoral Academy consisted of sixt..

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