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A dynamic energy budget for the whole life-cycle of holometabolous insects

Ana L Llandres, Goncalo M Marques, James L Maino, SALM Kooijman, Michael R Kearney, Jerome Casas

Ecological Monographs | WILEY | Published : 2015


Alterations of the amount and quality of food consumed during ontogeny can affect different life-history traits, such as growth rate, developmental time, survival, adult size, and fitness. Understanding the dynamics of such metabolic and energetic pathways and investments is particularly challenging in the case of holometabolous insects due to their strikingly different life stages. We show how whole life-cycle energy and mass budgets can be achieved for holometabolic insects through dynamic energy budget (DEB) theory, permitting the fate of acquired and stored nutrients to be followed over a complete life-cycle. We applied the DEB theory to model the whole life-cycle energetics of an endopa..

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Awarded by National Science Centre, Poland within HARMONIA

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank E. Desouhant and P. Pelosse for providing us data on Venturia's eggs, and two anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments in a previous version of the manuscript. This work was funded by a Fondation de France post-doctoral fellowship to A. L. Landres and J. Casas. It was also partly funded by the Agroeco project of the Region Centre to J. Casas, and by the CNRS and a grant to J. Maino from the National Science Centre, Poland within HARMONIA (2012/06/M/NZ/00137).