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Inflammatory Co-morbidities in HIV Individuals: Learning Lessons from Healthy Ageing

Anna C Hearps, Genevieve E Martin, Reena Rajasuriar, Suzanne M Crowe

Current HIV/AIDS Reports | SPRINGER | Published : 2014


Increased life expectancy due to improved efficacy of cART has uncovered an increased risk of age-related morbidities in HIV+ individuals and catalyzed significant research into mechanisms driving these diseases. HIV infection increases the risk of non-communicable diseases common in the aged, including cardiovascular disease, neurocognitive decline, non-AIDS malignancies, osteoporosis, and frailty. These observations suggest that HIV accelerates immunological ageing, and there are many immunological similarities with the aged, including shortened telomeres, accumulation of senescent T cells and altered monocyte phenotype/function. However, the most critical similarity between HIV+ individua..

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