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A crucial role for the cortico-striato-cortical loop in the pathogenesis of stroke-related neurogenic stuttering

Catherine Theys, Luc De Nil, Vincent Thijs, Astrid van Wieringen, Stefan Sunaert

Human Brain Mapping | WILEY | Published : 2013


Neurogenic stuttering is an acquired speech disorder characterized by the occurrence of stuttering-like dysfluencies following brain damage. Because the onset of stuttering in these patients is associated with brain lesions, this condition provides a unique opportunity to study the neural processes underlying speech dysfluencies. Lesion localizations of 20 stroke subjects with neurogenic stuttering and 17 control subjects were compared using voxel-based lesion symptom mapping. The results showed nine left-hemisphere areas associated with the presence of neurogenic stuttering. These areas were largely overlapping with the cortico-basal ganglia-cortical network comprising the inferior frontal ..

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