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Intestinal-specific activatable Myb initiates colon tumorigenesis in mice

J Malaterre, L Pereira, T Putoczki, R Millen, S Paquet-Fifield, M Germann, J Liu, D Cheasley, S Sampurno, SA Stacker, MG Achen, RL Ward, P Waring, T Mantamadiotis, M Ernst, RG Ramsay



Transcription factor Myb is overexpressed in most colorectal cancers (CRC). Patients with CRC expressing the highest Myb are more likely to relapse. We previously showed that mono-allelic loss of Myb in an Adenomatous polyposis coli (APC)-driven CRC mouse model (Apc(Min/+)) significantly improves survival. Here we directly investigated the association of Myb with poor prognosis and how Myb co-operates with tumor suppressor genes (TSGs) (Apc) and cell cycle regulator, p27. Here we generated the first intestinal-specific, inducible transgenic model; a MybER transgene encoding a tamoxifen-inducible fusion protein between Myb and the estrogen receptor-α ligand-binding domain driven by the intest..

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