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H-1-NMR metabolite profiling of abalone digestive gland in response to short-term starvation

John R Sheedy, Sebastien Lachambre, David K Gardner, Robert W Day



The effect of a short-term feeding and starvation experiment on juvenile abalone (Haliotis rubra × H. laevigata) was investigated (average length = 67 mm; average weight = 48 g). All aquaculture experiments were conducted at The University of Melbourne, Australia. Artificial feed was supplied ad libitum to the fed group, and no feed was supplied to the starved group. A modified metabolite extraction protocol using deuterated solvents was developed for ¹H-NMR-based metabolite profiling of digestive gland in response to the short-term feeding/starvation experiment, to avoid lyophilisation prior to biochemical analysis. PLS-DA revealed that fed and starved abalone are metabolically di..

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