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Relevance of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in breast cancer

Sathana Dushyanthen, Paul A Beavis, Peter Savas, Zhi Ling Teo, Chenhao Zhou, Mariam Mansour, Phillip K Darcy, Sherene Loi

BMC MEDICINE | BMC | Published : 2015


While breast cancer has not been considered a cancer amenable to immunotherapeutic approaches, recent studies have demonstrated evidence of significant immune cell infiltration via tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in a subset of patient tumors. In this review we present the current evidence highlighting the clinical relevance and utility of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in breast cancer. Retrospective and prospective studies have shown that the presence of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes is a prognostic marker for higher responses to neoadjuvant chemotherapy and better survival, particularly in triple negative and HER2-positive early breast cancer. Further work is required to determine the imm..

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