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Periodontal diagnosis in private dental practice: a case-based survey

DL Bailey, S-Y Barrow, B Cvetkovic, R Musolino, SL Wise, C Yung, I Darby



BACKGROUND: Despite the prevalence of periodontitis in Australia, there are few reports regarding periodontal diagnosis and therapies in the general dental practice setting. This study aimed to assess the degree of diagnostic accuracy in periodontal cases of Victorian general dental practitioners. METHODS: Following ethics approval, dentists were invited to complete a scenario-based questionnaire on the Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch (ADAVB) website. Five text-based clinical scenarios (from a total of 10) were randomly presented, representing patients with a range of disease levels from periodontal health/gingivitis to severe periodontitis, and respondents were asked what exa..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This project was conducted through the eviDent Foundation. Thanks are extended to the PEARL network for kindly sharing their protocol and materials. Thanks also to Karen Escobar, Wendy Thomson, Meaghan Quinn and Eric Mourant. This study was generously supported by funding from the Australian Society of Periodontology, Victorian Branch.