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Film-Stabilizing Attributes of Polymeric Core-Shell Nanoparticles

Xiao-Jing Cai, Hao-Miao Yuan, Anton Blencowe, Greg G Qiao, Jan Genzer, Richard J Spontak

ACS Nano | AMER CHEMICAL SOC | Published : 2015


Self-organization of nanoparticles into stable, molecularly thin films provides an insightful paradigm for manipulating the manner in which materials interact at nanoscale dimensions to generate unique material assemblies at macroscopic length scales. While prior studies in this vein have focused largely on examining the performance of inorganic or organic/inorganic hybrid nanoparticles (NPs), the present work examines the stabilizing attributes of fully organic core-shell microgel (CSMG) NPs composed of a cross-linked poly(ethylene glycol dimethacrylate) (PEGDMA) core and a shell of densely grafted, but relatively short-chain, polystyrene (PS) arms. Although PS homopolymer thin films measur..

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