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Chlorine in mantle-derived carbonatite melts revealed by halite in the St.-Honore intrusion (Quebec, Canada)

Vadim S Kamenetsky, Roger H Mitchell, Roland Maas, Andrea Giuliani, Damien Gaboury, Liudmila Zhitova



Mantle-derived carbonatites are igneous rocks dominated by carbonate minerals. Intrusive carbonatites typically contain calcite and, less commonly, dolomite and siderite as the only carbonate minerals. In contrast, lavas erupted by the only active carbonatite volcano on Earth, Oldoinyo Lengai, Tanzania, are enriched in Na-rich carbonate phenocrysts (nyerereite and gregoryite) and Na-K halides in the groundmass. The apparent paradox between the compositions of intrusive and extrusive carbonatites has not been satisfactorily resolved. This study records the fortuitous preservation of halite in the intrusive dolomitic carbonatite of the St.-Honoré carbonatite complex (Québec, Canada), more than..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council Discovery Grant

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Franco Pirajno, James Brenan, five anonymous reviewers, and editor Brendan Murphy, who pointed out various omissions and possible misinterpretations. This work was funded by Australian Research Council Discovery Grant DP130100257 and by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.