Book Chapter

Comparing discipline-based and interdisciplinary knowledge in university education

V Millar

Pedagogic Rights and Democratic Education: Bernsteinian explorations of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment | CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group) | Published : 2016


As higher education is increasingly linked to national productivity alongside public and private benefits, major changes to the place and structure of higher education have followed (Marginson and Considine, 2000). As Rizvi and Lingard (2009, p.96) discuss: 'Curriculum reform has been linked to the reconstitution of education as a central aim of national economic policy, as well as being central to the imagined community the nation wishes to construct.' Pressure placed on universities by government, society, employers and the academy itself have resulted in universities implementing curriculum changes and an increased interest in the incorporation of interdisciplinarity (Holmwood, 2010). See..

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