I'm looking for an expert opinion

If you're looking for an expert opinion, Find an Expert can help you get in touch with the right person for the job.

The University of Melbourne's research and practice covers all kinds of areas. Our experts can help you with:

  • advice and consultancy
  • media commentary
  • expert testimony
  • panel participation & interviews
  • background information

Find someone by name

  1. If you know the name of the person you're looking for, simply enter it into the search.
  2. Once you find them, click their name to reach their profile page.

Search for a person by name


To find someone by name, simply enter the name in the search box.


A list of matching results appears.


Click the person's name to view their profile page.

Find people by areas of interest

Chances are that the University of Melbourne has more than one expert who's interested in your topic. Find an Expert helps you narrow down your choices to find the right person for the job.

  1. Use the homepage search to look for a topic that you're interested in. In the example below, we've searched for "Australian agriculture". A list of matching results appears.
  2. You can use the tabs underneath each person's name to understand how that person's interests match your search: in this example, we can see that the researcher's publications and research output both match the keywords we searched on.
  3. Click an expert's name to view their profile page.

Search for a person by topic

Searching for Australian agriculture

Search for a topic or phrase that interests you.

A person's profile

Use the tabs below each result to find out how their work relates to your search.

Filtering results

If you've received a lot of results, the tools in the sidebar will help you narrow them down. In the example below, a search for citizenship turned up 70 people.

  • Use options from underneath the Department heading to filter the list of people by their University department.
  • Use Country Linkages to filter the list down to people who have a connection to a particular country.
  • Options listed under Have you tried makes suggestions about similar searches that might help you narrow down your results a little more.
  • To return to an unfiltered list, look at the heading you filtered on and click "All" to return to the unfiltered list.

Narrowing down results

Many results for citizenship

Broad topics often return many results. The sidebar will show suggestions on how to narrow down your results.

Filtered results for citizenship

A filtered list will allow you to see more specific results. In this example we filter by department.

Have you tried?

The heading named Have you tried offers alternative ways to phrase your search.

Understanding an expert's profile

There's a profile page for each person listed in Find an Expert. An expert's profile page contains more information about their scholarship and work.

At the top of the page, the expert's name, position, and contact details are shown.

In the centre of the page, information about the expert's work is shown.

  • The Overview tab shows a summary of an expert's life and work.
  • The Publications tab shows a selection of this expert's publications. Click a publication's name to learn more about where it was published and who else contributed.
  • Research shows this expert's research efforts.
  • Awards shows you information about the expert's education, professional memberships, awards, and honours.
  • An expert's Linkages tab describes connections to other countries or organisations.
  • And the Supervision tab tells you whether this expert is available as a research supervisor.

To the right of this area, you'll find links to visualisations of an expert's work. These visualisation tools show you an overview of an expert's work at a glance:

  • The Co-author and Co-investigator tools show connections between research investigators and authors. Click another investigator's name to learn about them.
  • For scientists, the Map of Science shows how this expert's work relates to different areas of interest.

Interpreting a profile page

Peter Doherty

A profile page contains links to a person's biography, contact details, research work, and more.

Tabs at the top of a profile

Use the tabs at the top of the page here to navigate between the different areas of a person's profile.

Sidebar view: visualisation gallery

The Visualisation section on the right of the page reveals the profile visualisation tools.

co-author visualisation

The co-author and co-investigator tools reveal connections between this researcher and others.

Map of Science

The Map of Science shows this researcher's work as it pertains to different science topics.

Top tips

  1. Use quote marks around your search to get results that match that exact phrase. For example, a search for "Australian politics" will show only those people who have a publication or interest area matching these words.
  2. Don't forget to try a variety of search terms.
  3. If you are a journalist needing assistance, please contact the University's Media and Public Relations Unit on +61 3 8344 4123 or email news@media.unimelb.edu.au.